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Top 5 Churches In Delhi

Grand, sacred and pure; churches of Delhi are pivotal not only for the Christians that inhabit the city but also exemplify the blend of different cultures that the capital is gifted with. Moreover, these churches have effectively developed a community based on the core values of nobility and service to humanity, in the city. These cathedrals in Delhi belong to distinct Christian faiths. All of them bear in themselves the essence of Christianity and thus are preserved, respected and embraced by the people of the city. Thus, we share with you a list of five famous churches that must be visited by travelers and residents alike to witness and be enthralled by the heritage.

Top 5 Temples In Delhi

The city of Delhi is a bearer of a rich cultural diversity. The architectural heritage of the city is symbolic of this wealth, and how despite the many differences, unity and harmony binds everyone together. Hence, the people in this city still hold a strong attachment to their roots, which is recognizable in the profound culture of Delhi. Spirituality and religion are close to people’s hearts and the several temples of different belief systems are illustrative of that. Be it Hindu, Jain, Buddhist, or Baha’i, all of these varying beliefs, have a place for worship in Delhi. This rare diverseness makes this colorful town a true explorer’s delight. Here’s a list of 5 temples that stand out in the national capital.

1. Akshardham Temple

Akshardham Temple

Photo by Russ Bowling, CC BY 2.0

Built near the banks of river Yamuna, this temple boasts a rather rare architectural brilliance. A popular spot among tourists, the temple is devoted to Swaminarayan Akshardham. The massive structure has been intricately built, which is not only stunning to see, but one can also experience and be charmed by the series of exhibitions that they have lined up for visitors. Besides the main temple, one can buy tickets for the exhibition, which includes visiting a hall (called the hall of values), watching a movie and a boat ride. All of these attractions have been equipped with state of art technology to spread messages of wisdom, and capture the uniqueness and essence of the Indian culture. The lush green garden with huge statues of notable personalities of ancient India and a water show in the evening also add to the attraction.

2. Lotus Temple

Lotus Temple

Photo by Brady Montz, CC BY-SA 2.0

The Baha’i House of worship or Lotus temple as it is popularly referred to, is as exquisite as its name. Made of white marble, the building is shaped as a blooming lotus and was built in 1986. Located towards the east of Nehru Place, the site is quite frequently visited by tourists. People of all religions and beliefs are welcomed to witness the magnificence and tranquility that the temple has to offer. Unlike other places of religious service, this temple doesn’t have large images, statues or overflows with voices of people chanting a deity’s name; rather the peace that one experience is what makes it stand out. People meditate for hours, inside the temple and feel renewed and energized.

3. Iskcon Temple

Iskcon Temple

Photo by TineImWunderland, CC BY-ND 2.0

Dedicated to Lord Krishna and Radharani the Iskcon temple is illustrative of purity and a deep devotion to the Hindu deity. Built by Achiyut Kanvinde in 1998, this Vaishnav temple’s impressive architecture is noteworthy. Located towards the east of Kailash at Hare Krishna hills, the building complex is large with several halls and rooms. The delicately carved and detailed statues and paintings of Lord Krishna brilliantly depict his life and those times. Besides the main temple, there is a cafeteria, a book shop that sells religious books and other souvenirs to visitors.

4. Birla Mandir

Birla Mandir

Photo by Dennis Jarvis, CC BY-SA 2.0

Timeless and exceptional, the Laxminaryan temple or Birla mandir is devoted to Hindu gods; goddess Laxmi who is a deity of wealth and lord Vishnu who is regarded as the preserver of life and universe. Within the complex, there is a small place that is dedicated to Lord Buddha and his life. Built in the year 1938 by the well-known Birla family, the structure is constructed with white marble and red sandstone. Situated at Mandir Marg in Connaught Place, the design of the temple is reflective of an amalgamation of varying architectural influences. It was inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi on the pre-condition that it shall be open for all people, irrespective of their caste.

5. Chattarpur Mandir

Chattarpur Mandir

Photo by AHLN, CC BY 2.0

Built in the Meharauli area of Delhi across 60 acres of land is the grand, colossal structure of Chattarpur Mandir. It is considered to be the second largest temple of India. Instituted by Sant Shree Baba Nagpal in the 1970’s, the temple is dedicated to Goddess Katyani, one of the nine forms who are worshipped during the fervently celebrated Navratras. The complex constitutes more than 20 small and large temples devoted several Hindu deities. The elaborate architecture of the complex is built with marble and is popular among tourists who want to explore the richness of Indian culture.

So when in Delhi, walk into one of these temples and be delighted by the spirituality that flows within them. Any traveler’s journey to this megacity would be incomplete without witnessing the magnificence of these temples; for they make Delhi what it is.

5 Haunted Places In Delhi

If you were under the impression that stories of Delhi, revolve narrowly around impressive food, cultural and archaeological heritage spots and cumbersome politics, think again. There is more to look for than what we ordinarily identify as places, ‘worthy of exploration’ in this multifaceted city. The national capital has a handful of spooky sites for explorers who want to experience a rather distinct and shady side of the city. From the suspicious screeching of the doors, to the infamous woman clad in a white sari roaming about freely, to unnerving tales about ghosts of the dead. ‘Be on your guard’, as these haunted places can make even the brave, break into cold sweat.

Top 5 Hill Stations Near Delhi

Delhi, the capital of India has turned into a bustling hub of trade and commerce. It offers an unprecedented amount of luxuries, architectural monuments, countless traditions, museums, and much more. Although being a remarkable tourist destination for inland and foreign entrepreneurs and travelers, the sadly scorching summer and soaring temperature subtends an entirely different edge of the city. Being in immense traffic, dense population, and overworked mass in the concrete jungle is often deplorable. What one needs is a little breakthrough to an environment, which not only soothes the mind but also makes you calm, rejuvenated, and fresh.

A salubrious gateway to a serene place with eternal beauty behold in calm compassion, the large range of mountains, the infinitely expanded lush green landmasses and scenic beauty is what a hill station has to offer as a bouquet of ever-lasting memories and impressions. Here is a list of five top hill stations near Delhi, which would serve as a wholesome package to everyone who are looking for a quick getaway into the beauty of nature:

Top 5 Pubs in Delhi

Pubs, Inns and Taverns- Where Did They Come From?
Spurring from European origins, pubs used to be places of rest to weary travelers and people who worked with their very hands. While not always accommodating, pubs served as places of community gatherings and centers of merriment. Jolly laughter and tête-à-tête would waft around the pillars, sparingly emulsified with deep philosophical brooders.

Useful Tips to Survive the Traffic in Delhi

India’s Capital City.
Located right a little above the center of India, Delhi, also pronounced “Dilli” is its capital territory. Many stories and legends contribute different versions of how it came to be named, and the most widely accepted ones include- a variant from the literal translation of “Dehleez” (“Threshold”) as Delhi is most popularly referred to as the “Gateway of India”, and secondly, it is also endearingly referred to as “Dilwalo ka sheher” or “The city of the big-hearted”. Being the second most populous city of India, with a staggering 16.3 million population, it is no wonder that traffic congestion is a serious issue in the heart of India.

5 Must Visit Museums in Delhi

Delhi, known worldwide as the national capital of India, is a true melting pot of traditions and both the old and new Indian cultures. This city boasts of countless historical sites, heritage buildings, shopping destinations, entertainment zones, and food joints. Whether you are a visiting tourist or a local denizen of Delhi, you will be never short of places to explore and enjoy here.
There are many museums in this city that you should visit in order to understand the historical significance and to discover cultural heritage of the city of Delhi.
We have compiled a handy list of top 5 museums you must not forget to visit, if you are visiting Delhi for the first time:

5 Places to Taste Street Food in Delhi

New Delhi, the charming capital city of India is not only famous for its historical monuments, cultural heritage and shopping markets but also for its lip smacking assortments of street foods. If you haven’t visited Delhi ever, you might wonder, what’s this ‘street-food’ fuss is all about. After all, the word ‘street-food’ only conjures up an image of a squalid pushcart loaded with dirt-cheap, stale, overcooked, and unhygienic (but definitely delicious-looking) food items. Ask any Delhiite or a Delhi-returned tourist about the street foods there and he or she will probably give you a different description altogether.
You can always find these hole-in-the wall hotels and low-priced food outlets, always crowded with hungry patrons gorging on paranthas, chaats, chole bhature, butter chicken, and other mouth-watering street foods, all-year-round. Seemingly, the recent spurt in number of multinational food outlets and swanky hotels has made no difference to the thriving business of these road side food shops. It is advisable to give top priority to hygiene aspect of the street foods, too.
Interestingly, many of these food outlets are quite old and reputed for their legendary foods. Most of these famous roadside eateries are located in Delhi’s Chandni Chowk and Paharganj areas.
We bring you the list of 5 places to taste street food in Delhi that you shouldn’t forget to drop in and to check out their delicious offerings.

7 Must Visit Places in Old Delhi

The 17th century-old walled city of Delhi, formerly known as Shahjahanabad, is situated along the western river bank of the Yamuna.
It is abundant with many beautiful monuments, magnificent forts, and majestic mosques with historical and cultural significance, most of which were built during bygone era of Mughal Empire and other dynasties. If this is your first-time visit to the national capital, then you will surely find the contrast between the congested ‘Purani Dilli’ and the urbanized New Delhi quite striking!

Nevertheless, the charming Old Delhi region, with its world-famous historical sites, amazing shopping bazaars, and popular street-food joints attracts hordes of tourists from all over the world, every year.
Here is the list of 7 most visit-worthy places in Old Delhi that you will love to explore!