The Modern Attractions Of New Delhi

With an enormously booming population of over twenty five million people (that’s a lot by any standard right?), Delhi is one of the most populated places on the planet. Considering the strong economy, lively culture, plethora of activities, and higher than average employment rate, it’s really no wonder at all why this would be dubbed the National Capital Territory (and recently in the 1990’s titled the National Capital Region, or NCR, which is a more well-known term in other neighboring nations). Personally, I’d feel pretty conflicted about where to start if I was lucky enough to land a job in Delhi or simply visit for a vacation but I know I would have to hit the ground running as soon as I get there if I want to take in all the sights that I just can’t afford to miss.


This is probably the perfect time of day to see the stunning visage of the India Gate. There were some concerns about air pollution in the city some years ago but judging from how beautiful that blue sky looks as it fades into a reddish hue of purple in the horizon, I’d say it’s a pretty safe bet that with the whole world trying to ‘go green’ that India (a nation known for its world-class doctors and good hygiene) is no slouch. © Larry Johnson.

I can’t help but feel a bit like a child at heart, especially when I’m traveling abroad, so with that said I have to at least make some other major attractions that you just can’t spot anywhere else. And I would usually say the beautiful religious and cultural sights (although if I’m picking a favorite early, or if I could only choose one temple to visit in all of Delhi then it would have to be the Laxminaryan Temple), but the child inside would probably want to hurry to Metro Walk. There’s over twenty five attractions at the amusement park Adventure Island (pictured in the image below) as well as a beautiful lake and a shopping mall to visit, so I would probably spend a day or two just on this location alone.


I suppose it would probably be embarrassing for anyone that knows me to see me enjoying myself as much as I would at an amusement park but I wouldn’t mind being completely unashamed and cackling like a kid! © rajkumar1220.

I’m not a completely immature child in an adult’s body though mind you, as I’m sure I would enjoy the temples and the beautiful scenery, food, music, people and culture in general. I might feel a bit bummed out right now that I’m not in Delhi but at least now I know what I want to do when I get there!


This photo is of none other than the Jantar Manatar in Delhi. A historical center of astronomy with nearly three hundred years of history and culture behind it, not to mention the beautiful foliage that encompass the grounds. © Alex Sirota.