5 Tips To Survive the Dreaded Delhi Summer

With the arrival of May, summer had set its feet in the country and it is slowly transforming the dolce and lenient autumn weather into burning tempest of hot air and blazing heat. In India, a country which lies in near proximity to the equator, the impact of summer sun extremely vicious. Taking Delhi into account, the atmospheric conditions in summer becomes more drastic. The dry aura, scarce greenery and exponentially increasing pollution level accounts for flaming temperature in the heart of the nation. As the days are going by, temperature of this metro city is inching towards half a century mark. Although complete relief from Delhi Summer cannot be pertained at any rate, but there are certain measures adopting which the affect can be lowered substantially to human endurance. Five of those major remedies that may be instituted to cope up with dreadful Delhi summer have been discussed here.

1. Protect Your Skin

Skin CarePhoto by Zenspa1, CC BY 2.0

Our skin has to bear the most of the fiery sunrays. The best way to survive is avoid, be an early bird and reach your offices or schools one hour before the opening hour or during the time when the sun is still subtle. But the professional market doesn’t care about your comfort and adjustments have to be made according to the company schedule. Also many job profiles like door-to-door sales and marketing demands frequent travelling, in that case wear scarf or helmet and cotton gloves to avoid sunstroke and direct sunlight digging your skin. Avoid wayfaring as much as possible. Take frequent breaks between journey and consume galore water to keep yourself hydrated. Use high SPF sunscreen to reduce the chances of sunburn. If possible, bath at least twice a day to chill your body.

2. Healthy Stomach, Healthy Summer

Street FoodPhoto by Gagandeep Sapra, CC BY 2.0

The Indian youth is going crazy about western junk food and especially in the capita where junk food giants are present in abundance. But health has to be kept before taste, because regardless of the flavor and mouth watering spices, these junk foods and fried items have severe adverse effect on the digestive system. In summer, the body temperature already rises above normal and the body is more prone to stomach diseases. High cholesterol eating could cause digestive dysfunction in summer. Eat right, add salad, cucumber, curd, buttermilk in your daily meal and ignore fried and junk foods like paratha, samosa, kebabs, burger, chicken rolls etc. Drink lot of glucose water and keep a full bottle of it in your inventory before travelling.

3. Earthen Pot To Compensate The Hot

Chill WaterPhoto by Ed Schipul, CC BY 2.0

The modern age has provided many types of equipment to chill drinking water like refrigerators water coolers etc, but nothing can pacify your thirst like the old Indian earthen pot or Matka in local terms. It is easily available, immensely cheap, has no operating cost yet it provides cool, soothing and tasteful drinking water. The Matka is a boon for the rural population of the country but even if you are capable of buying modern day chillers it is lucrative to keep a Matka as it has no electricity consumption and cools water within a level where there is no negative effect in your throat (many a times, drinking chilled water right after arriving from hot surroundings could result in catching cold.

4. Chilling Insides

Feeling ColdPhoto by barkCC BY 2.0
Taking about keeping indoors cool, use black tinted glass for your windows and glass doors. If not possible, then cover the glass with thick sheets. If you are denizens of multiple storied building, it is advised to spend most of the time in ground floor as it is comparatively cooler than floors above. Use coolers, air conditioners to chill the inside air, stand fans are better options in summer days than ceiling fans prominently if you are living in other than ground or first floor as ceiling fans deliver hotter air heated by the warming roof.

5. No Caffeine

CoffeePhoto by Logan Brumm, CC BY-ND 2.0

It is most likely to be the most important and most neglected factor regarding coping against the summer heat. Being a metropolitan majority of us are addicted to coffee, tea and other caffeine originated material that to without our knowledge. But researches had shown that caffeine can increase dehydration, perspiration and human body temperature considerably. There is popular misconception that cold coffee or ice tea helps in relaxing the warming body. But no matter what the temperature of beverage is, it is always harmful in summer days.
Control is not in our hand but prevention definitely is. Delhi summer might seem arduous to tackle but these small measures will help consequentially in dealing with it. The ultimate desire of any man is to have a healthy and mirthful life and for that cause, total care of body should be taken without any negligence.