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5 Things People Don’t Know About Delhi

Delhi –The capital of republic India is famous for its food, culture and tradition. It is also quite infamous for its crime and politics also. However, there are still some unique facts which we bet you did not know about Delhi. Take a look on the below mentioned interesting facts about Delhi and get ready to be surprised.

1. Delhi Is Ranked As One Of The Top Eco-Friendly Cities In The World

Lodhi Gardens

Photo by Panoramas, CC BY-ND 2.0

The city has green covers in almost 20% of its total area. In fact, it has the country’s third largest tree-cover. Ridge is the largest forest area of the city and is also known as the city’s green lungs. Delhi’s local bus service- DTC operates largest fleet of eco-friendly CNG buses and hence has been awarded with – ‘Clean Cities International Partner of the Year ‘. This award was given to appreciate the city’s efforts to bring down the air pollution level and encourage alternative fuel options. Hence, the city acts as a pioneer leader in promoting green revolution and maintaining the ecological balance of the nature.

2. Qutub Minar Which Is One Of The Historical Monuments Of The Country Is The Tallest Minaret Built With Bricks

Qutub Minar

Photo by TANAKA Juuyoh, CC BY 2.0

The wall city of the country had fourteen gates of which five still stand strong. The name of these five gates and the reason behind their names are as follows-
• Lahori Gate- It faces the city of Lahore in Pakistan
• Delhi Gate- opens road to old cities of Delhi
• Ajmeri Gate- faces the Ajmer city of Rajasthan
• Kashmiri gate- faces northwards to Kashmir
• Turkman gate- It is named after the saint Hazrat Shah Turkam.

3. Delhi Is The 7th Most Expensive Spot As Far As Office Premises Are Concerned


Photo by Andy, CC BY 2.0

One of the major reasons behind this amazing fact is the fast growing economy and population of the country. A major chunk of the population in the country wishes to settle down in this metro city thanks to the splurging number of MNC’s and other employment opportunities. The city also houses major government offices which further widen the employment horizons of the city. Hence, it is quite obvious that the real estate price of the city is always at its peak.

4. Delhi Has The Country’s Largest Spice Market

Sipce Market

Photo by Christian Haugen, CC BY 2.0

Most of us known that India is the spice capital of the world. However, very few of us are acquainted with the fact that Delhi has the country’s biggest spice market. You get many and any of the spices available in the world here. Khari Baoli located in the old Delhi is one of its kind wholesale spice markets as it offers great variety of herbs and spices. There are many other spice markets in various parts of Delhi where you can experience the aroma of magical spices and herbs.

5. The People Of Delhi Also Referred To As Delhi-Ites

Delhi People

Photo by Ramesh Lalwani, CC BY-SA 2.0

People of Delhi are quite cheerful and they never fall short of generosity. They are always eager to help and like most of the Indians, they treat their guests with great love and honor. The king sized lifestyle of Delhi is also quite commendable which reflects in most of their wedding and festival celebrations. However, one weird thing about the Delhi-ites is that they offer their help even if they are unaware or unsure which leads to misconceptions and problems. Hence, be careful when you ask for help to a Delhi-ite.

Delhi is a mystical city with colorful culture and people all around. The unique facts mentioned above make the city all the more desirable and special too. However, you will have to visit this city on your own to experience its uniqueness and charm.