Top 5 Pubs in Delhi

Pubs, Inns and Taverns- Where Did They Come From?
Spurring from European origins, pubs used to be places of rest to weary travelers and people who worked with their very hands. While not always accommodating, pubs served as places of community gatherings and centers of merriment. Jolly laughter and tête-à-tête would waft around the pillars, sparingly emulsified with deep philosophical brooders.

Photo by Marco Assini, CC BY-SA 2.0

In this day and age, pubs have evolved immensely to more than humble places of retreat offering home-brewed ales and beers. They now offer modern entertainment featuring popular artists and trained performers, delectable bites and impressive menus of old mixes with new creations.
In an eclectic contrast to India’s contemporary and conservative face, pubs can be seen in almost all big cities and across most metropolitan centers. They feature impeccable menus with entrancing musical beats and well-trained personnel who wait upon you and gratify your every request. Delhi, the capital of India, is infused with modern culture and the rapid urbanization has brought about spectacular evolution in the aspect of public entertainment.
The Top 5 Highly Voted Taverns: In the land of big hearts, Delhi, pubs are centers of favored gaiety and pursuits. It will be more enjoyable for you if you are well-acquainted with most potions and cocktails. Many of the pubs and night clubs feature high-end offerings and are well-equipped to cater to the wishes of every patron. Listed below are some of the most favored nooks of Delhi’s modern-day inns:

1. Turquoise Cottage

As an ode to the discotheques era of the bright and vibrant 80’s, the Turquoise Cottage sports an old-school décor which strongly appeals to the youth of today. Definitely recommended for a burst of energizing nostalgia and panacea, for the ‘go-getter’ generation of today.

2. Rick’s

Popularly called as “Slick Rick’s”, this joint serves an impressive range of liquors and a delectable selection of Southeast Asian snacks. If you have a special night planned, do make sure to make a reservation. With smart and stylish attire, this is the go-to for the intellectual bohemian lover. Also, a jazz club, Rick’s proffers tasteful tunes to the ears. Immerse yourself in the alluring vocals of live performers and be transported into a night of classy reverie.

3. DV8

A darling of the locals, this is a much favored getaway place. From office workers to big businessmen to casually draped locals, this is very popular and a sought-after corner. Party crowds beeline for this tavern. Popular musicians are featured who belt out the crowd’s favorites and make for fulfilling evenings.

4. Polo Lounge

For the more reserved-minded patrons, Polo Lounge is an excellent pick. The dark and wooden interior is a nod to the old English era, with a soothing ambiance to accompany it. They serve a dazzling assortment of whiskies, scotches and mixers. Slip into your favorite semi-formal outfit and delve into a relaxing nightfall.

5. Patiala Peg

Another tavern that tips its hat to the majestic colonial epoch, Patiala Peg is a hit, both during the daylight hours and nighttime. The day time sees hordes of business people who seek a break from the demanding routines and sundown welcomes the merrymaking crowds. Although specialized in draft beer, Indian liquors and wine are also available.
More of the Saloons:
Also to be included in the list of popular joints, Pegasus Bar, Suede, Bacchus, Odd Bin, Bohemia, The Mansion, Shroom, The Blue Bar and Dances of India.
Once you set foot into this bustling city, you are in for a mixture of surprises and rewarding sights. Make the best of your trip to India’s capital and take home splendid recollections of your holiday in Delhi!