Delhi Traffic

Useful Tips to Survive the Traffic in Delhi

India’s Capital City.
Located right a little above the center of India, Delhi, also pronounced “Dilli” is its capital territory. Many stories and legends contribute different versions of how it came to be named, and the most widely accepted ones include- a variant from the literal translation of “Dehleez” (“Threshold”) as Delhi is most popularly referred to as the “Gateway of India”, and secondly, it is also endearingly referred to as “Dilwalo ka sheher” or “The city of the big-hearted”. Being the second most populous city of India, with a staggering 16.3 million population, it is no wonder that traffic congestion is a serious issue in the heart of India.

Delhi Traffic

Photo by Darla Hueske, CC BY-ND 2.0

Here A Vroom, There A Vroom, Everywhere A Zoom-Zoom!

As the metropolitan capital city of India, Delhi experienced rapid urbanization which undoubtedly added to its number of automobiles as well as human inhabitants.
The numerous National Highways and similar key linking routes inter-cross the city like live pulsating veins that seem to be throbbing and teeming with life, maintaining connections to various nearby and faraway destinations. It has the highest number of compressed natural air buses in the world, coming to a confounding total of 9000 buses.
The network of railways in Delhi carries millions of passengers every day, across its 146 stations. Being the Northern Railway headquarters with multiple main stations as well as linking suburban destinations, it is one of the busiest in the world. Delhi’s metro system is the 13th longest metro system, globally, in terms of length (189.63 km). It is the first modern public transportation system of India.
The Indira Gandhi International Airport located in southwestern Delhi is the busiest airport in South Asia. One can only imagine the inflow and outflow of man and baggage through the city’s main port of entry.

The Travelling Enigma- The Traffic Empress Plays No Favorites.

Peak hours of traffic rush present a bewildering and stunning cacophony of noise, beeps, increase in localized heat and edgy travelers. Truly, the nasty Traffic Empress spares no one and entangles whoever walks into her urbanized snares with unbiased savor. She blatantly sucks time, energy, fuel and money from your unwilling hands and sneers as you seethe and fume in your seat. However, all is not to be lost, for there are wise tricks and treatments that can spare you of the needless pain and frustration.

1. Avoid Peak Hours

As obvious as it sounds, this holds true and has endured one’s skepticism time and again. Try heading out a little early- even 15 minutes sooner than usual can actually make a big difference to your daily commute.

2. Public Transport

Not only is this cheaper and takes some stress off the environment, it can be a reliable choice of transport. Again, heading out a little earlier than customary can make a sure difference to your comfort and give more surety to you for a timely arrival at your destination. It will also save you from unnecessarily grating your nerves through stressful brain grinding.

3. Planning Your Route

With the advent of modern technology, numerous traffic apps and GPS devices, you may feel confident to reach your destination on time. While it is very useful to get regular traffic feeds and rely on traffic reports, it is nearly impossible to foresee gadget failures and relying on wireless networks is still a sketchy affair. Going by the old way, plan out your main route, and a couple other secondary routes including lesser-used pathways will provide you with multiple options when faced with vicious street clogging.

4. Carpooling

Although still an uncommon inclination in India, carpooling or sharing can be easy on every one who shares the vehicle(s). They can take turns to drive every day and it will also be economically more feasible as it will lead to less abrasions and wearing off of machinery.

5. Get small, do more

One big switch that can also ensure easier transit and parking is getting a sturdy and reliable two-wheeler. They are easier to maneuver, and move around in. If your destination or work place is not too far away, and you know good back roads, you can get a bike and get some exercise on the go!
No matter what traffic anti-clogging solution you decide to take up, try to be patient and not stress yourself if caught in the web or blaring horns and yelling fellow-commuters. After all, you will get to your goal and wrap up what you need to do just as coolly as you commute, if you carry a positive outlook!