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The West in, Sohna Road

Top 5 Resorts in & Around Delhi

Delhi, goes without saying, is the hub of the metropolitan lifestyle of the country. In spite of being a city that offers it all, Delhi disappoints you when it comes to its scorching hot weather and sheer lack of natural affinity. However, once you step slightly outside from the capital city, you will find numerous places in the form of resorts and water parks to rejuvenate you for another span of hectic urban lifestyle. Read more

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Delhi, the capital of the world’s largest democracy India is the largest city in the country and the 2nd most populous city on earth. The city is claimed to have been more than 5000 years old and was established by the Pandavas as Indraprastha as mentioned in the ancient Hindu epic ‘Mahabharatha’. It was later renamed as Dhili by the Tomara ruler who built the Lal Kot in 700 AD. The city has since been the heart of the country’s administration and is a melting pot of cultures from the several dynasties and empires that came to rule it. Delhi is the crux of northern Indian culture and is one of the most vibrant countries of India. However, recently the crime rate in Delhi including crimes against women in Delhi has put the city in a more notorious section.


Delhi is also one of the most polluted cities in the world and surprisingly most of the residents of Delhi are totally unaware of the rising health issues due to the high level of toxic particulate matter in the air. According to a survey more than 10 thousand people die each year in Delhi owing directly to the growing air pollution. The winters are characterized by heavy smog which disrupts air, road and railway traffic severely. The government has been panned by several environmentalist agencies due to its poor efforts to improve the environmental quality of the city. Nevertheless, since 2001 several measures have been taken to clean up the immensely populated ‘Yamuna River’ on whose banks the city of Delhi is situated.

General view of the Red Fort in Old Delhi India.

The Delhi Fort, Akshardham Temple, Qutab Minar, India Gate, Jama Masjid, Humayun’s Tomb and Jantar Mantar etc. are just few of the popular tourist attractions that Delhi contains. Delhi is a popular city in India and is also serves as the center of Government of India. Tourists, who have visited India, are familiar term called ‘Delhi belly’ which refers to an upset stomach caused by the immensely spicy Indian food. Delhi Belly is also a 2011 Bollywood movie which showcases a similar health problem caused by eating a ill prepared chicken.